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Residential projects are an important part of our practice at Michael Gaertner Architects. Unlike a hotel or office building where the users and the client are usually different people, residential projects are usually inhabited by the clients. We enjoy getting to know our clients and what they want from their houses.We recommend that clients review our web page Guide to Architectural Services.

Michael Gaertner Architects designs houses of all kinds, very large and luxurious or small and rustic. Recently, projects range from a 1,000 s.f. cabin in the hill country and a 1,150 s.f. beach house, to a 5,000 s.f. luxury/executive home. Renovation and historic rehabilitation are important parts of our practice and we have completed many remodeling projects. Read more


Michael Gaertner Architects also has much experience with commercial projects. We've designed hotels, offices, apartments, and even retail stores. For more information on these projects see our portfolio page. There you will find our wide range of commercial projects we have completed over the years.

Project Management

Michael Gaertner Architects can provide management of the design and construction process from pre-site acquisition to final occupancy. This is commonly referred to as "Project Management" or, increasingly, "Program Management". We practice sound, consistently applied management methods that emphasize clear project definition, cost control, scheduling, and documentation of communications.  The tasks include the following:

  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • Preservation Consulting
  • Budgeting
  • Pro-Forma Cash Flow
  • Consultant Management
  • Design, Cost, and Quality Control
  • Scheduling
  • Project Information Management
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Tenant Improvement Coordination
  • Dispute Resolution

A simplistic view of a project is that a series of tasks produce a final product when completed. Project Management is the process that assures that these tasks are performed efficiently and effectively. Within the context of architectural construction and rehabilitation projects, Michael Gaertner Architects manages the performance of these tasks. In some cases Michael Gaertner Architects performs the work directly, depending on the particulars of the individual client or project.

Our services are suitable for specific projects types, for Owners lacking management expertise within their organizations, and for augmenting in-house staff during work overloads. MGA provides both comprehensive and specific services, for example, we specialize in rehabilitation and historic projects and can act as the preservation consultant during all phases of the project.

As managers providing project delivery rather than traditional architectural services, we build consensus and develop positive relationships and teamwork. The value of MGA is derived from our extensive background in real estate development, architecture, project management, construction administration, and dispute resolution. Read more


Michael Gaertner Architects has been involved in building interiors work since its earliest days. We strive for integrated solutions that combine architecture and interiors, including such aspects as psychology of color, sequence of experiences, and ergonomics (or anthropometrics) to ensure that the space developed is optimal for its intended use. Read more


From feasibility study to installation of the furnishings, Michael Gaertner Architects can assist you every step of the way to the successful completion of your project. Our specialty is rehabilitation and renovation and we have special expertise in historic rehabilitation using the Investment Tax Credit. This Tax Credit is available for certified historic projects and can equal 20% of the construction cost - often more depending on the incentives offered by local and state governments. Read more

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